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 Black Templar Army for sale

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PostSubject: Black Templar Army for sale   Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:17 pm

A friend of mine isn't getting enough gaming time in, so is planning to sell one of his 40k armies. He's given me a list, which I will detail below. His painting standard is good on the painted models, I'm not talking eavy metal or anything but they're painted to a nice standard. And worst case scenario, you don't like the paint scheme... they're mostly painted black, so they're practically basecoated ready for you to paint over Razz 

All models listed are metal unless the original model was plastic - no finecast. Up to you if this is a pro or a con...

Jump Pack Chaplain - as new - £5
Sword Brethren - as new - £15
Techmarine - glued - £5
Chaplain Grimaldus and Servitors - as new - £15
Vindicare Assassin - badly painted - £3
Shrike - shite - £2
Masters of the Chapter (from the first Apoc release) - glued - £10
Helbrecht - glued - £6
Apothecary - badly painted - £3
Forgeworld Black Templar ven dread body only - £15
Spec Ed Games Day Captain - glued - £5
Inquisitor Scale Space Marine - glued - £5
Terminator Assault Squad - black base coat - £15
Term Squad (6) plus bits for 2 cyclones - £15
Emperors Chump - well painted - £6
Marshall - well painted - £6
5 terminators (2 assault cannons) - well painted  - £15
8 assault marines - well painted - £12
53 marines assorted close combat special weapons and boltguns - painted - £10 a squad or £1 each
Metal Dread - painted - £10
Old Term Assault Squad (metal) - painted - £10
Landspeeder x 2 - painted - £6 each
Rhino - basecoat black - £12
Rhino - painted - £12
Old Rhino - painted - £8
Damocles Rhino Conversion - £8
Land Raider (metal guns) - painted - £20
Land Raider - basecoat black - £20

Willing to sell off piecemeal, also open to offers if someone wants the whole lot. Speak to Ginge for more details or to get in touch with the seller.
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PostSubject: Re: Black Templar Army for sale   Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:22 am


my friend is selling a forgeworld warhound titan.

This is built and painted to a good standard. It has been customised with a base, and with LEDs... They can be independently switched. Their is a red LED in the cockpit (just to look cool) and a couple of blue LEDs on the carapace to represent the void shields, which of course can be deactivated during the game as enemy fire dictates.

The model and guns would retail for about £330 from Forgeworld, he's asking for £250. Any interested parties, or should he list it on ebay?

For pictures, follow the http://www.ignatum.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/titans.html?m=1
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Black Templar Army for sale
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