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 Super Heavy Walkers for those without the Apoc books

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PostSubject: Super Heavy Walkers for those without the Apoc books   Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:48 am

Super Heavy Walkers...

Hammer of Wrath
Move Through Cover
Strikedown - all of these are in main rule book.
Invincible Behemoth - basically means ignore all rolls on the vehicle damage table other than explodes. Instead of exploding it does an additional d3 hull points. So a glance will still remove hull point, as will a penetrating hit BUT unless they roll a 6 (or equal with AP modifiers) then you don't suffer any additional effects like weapon loss or immobilised.

Movement you can move 12" but otherwise treat it as a normal walker (with MTC so ignore dangerous terrain meaning you never get immobilised if you roll a 1 and roll 3d6 for you move).

Stomp is done at the end of combat and is d3 stomps. Place the small blast maker touching your base, don't do a pile in first and then any extras you rolled can be placed so at least partially within 3" of the first maker even in same place if you want or overlapping. This also allows you to stomp stuff your not even fighting so abuse this as much as you can.
Can't stomp flyers, monstrous creatures if they are in FLY (swoop) mode, Buildings, Gargantuan creatures or anything classed as Super Heavy. This doesn't mean you can't place the marker over them to hit something else it just means don't roll to see what effects it has on them.

Stomp Table. Roll for each UNIT that is hit so if you hit one unit with 3 markers you resolve the first marker then the rest after meaning you could roll 3 times for one unit with different effects but it will ONLY hit the guys under the marker so spacing them out to maximise damage is important.

Stomp Table.
Non Vehicle. 1 no effect.
2 - 5 each model from the unit being stomped that is under the template takes a S6 AP4 hit.
6 each model under the template is removed from play (no wounds are caused so will kill Eternal Warriors too).

Vehicles. 1 no effect.
2 - 5 the vehicle being stomped suffers a penetrating hit (don't forget the Knight has SMASH so this is at AP2).
6 the vehicle being stomped scatter d6" the explodes as per the vehicle damage roll.

Destroyer weapons anything it hits roll on the table. No saves of any kind allowed. Roll on the table instead of wounds or armour penetration and apply the results.

D weapon Table.
Non Vehicle. 1 no effect.
2 - 5 model loses d3+1 wounds (obviously single wound and 2 wound models are just removed).
6 the model loses d6+6 wounds.

Vehicles. 1 vehicle suffers a single penetrating hit.
2 - 5 super heavies lose d3+1 hull points. Other vehicles explode. Buildings suffer Detonation result.
6 same as above but Super Heavies take d6+6 hull points instead.

Catastrophic Damage Table or when Super Heavies go BANG!!!!

The first numbers apply to the centre blast and the others are the outer rings (you will understand when you see the marker)

1 Explosion D/4/2 AP 2/4/6
2-3 Devastating Explosion D/8/4 AP 2/3/5
4-6 Titanic Explosion D/10/5 AP 2/3/4

When you lose your last hull point centre the Apoc Mega Blast over the model and scatter 2d6". Roll on the table and apply the results to every model under the marker. If a model is in 2 "zones" then apply the highest damage one to it.
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Super Heavy Walkers for those without the Apoc books
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