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 Starter army for sale.

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Jamie Garrett


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PostSubject: Starter army for sale.    Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:38 pm

Not sure where to put this so threw it in here with pictures.   It's on ebay until tomorrow evening however if anyone at the club is interested i'm happy to sell for £40/50.

It contains:

Logan Grimnar (fine cast)
Librarian - Old Space wolf one with conversion.
Command Squad (5 man)
2x Tact Squads (mainly the figures from black reach however a few additional figures in (Melta gun and multi melta - Flamer and Missile launcher)
5 Man terminator squad (assault cannon)
2x Land Speeders
1x Predator.

Drop me an email on jgarrett@claritasconsultants.com if you're interested or want more information.
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Starter army for sale.
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