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 Apocalypse - Nov Sat 7th

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PostSubject: Apocalypse - Nov Sat 7th   Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:23 pm

Hey guys I know this is ages away but I only get 1 weekend a month off so I'm booking now! (plus you lot are hard to tie down to a date!)

I am hosting an Apoc Game at my house in my front room.

There is room for 6-8 people and 4 tables. kitchen and toilet plus an outside for all you smokers

Start early finish when we finish!

Was a bloody good game last time round and cant wait to play another.

I will make a facebook event inviting everyone I have on FB but I'm posting here for those of you I don't have on my FB

if you want to come let me know!

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Apocalypse - Nov Sat 7th
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