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 War in a Winter Waaaaaaggggghhhhhdurland

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PostSubject: War in a Winter Waaaaaaggggghhhhhdurland   Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:47 am

This is an apoc scenario I am planning to run on the 30th December, hope you guys like the idea and decide to give it a go.

Environment: Sub Zero

Dangerous Terrain rolls are failed on a 1 or a 2. Weapons with the Get's Hot rule lose that rule in this environment.

Apoc Parameters

Troops count as scoring, denial units will be the usual ones from 6th edition rules.

Random Objectives

Additional Strategic Assets

A player can choose to have his HQ, Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy Support or Super Heavy Detachments count as scoring. This is in place of a normal strategic asset. He must declare this choice before deployment.

Blizzard Conditions

At the start of each Game Turn roll a dice. On a roll of a 1, a blizzard has blown up reducing visibility and slowing everyone down.

Whilst a blizzard is in effect, open terrain counts as difficult terrain. Difficult terrain becomes dangerous. The night fighting rules are in effect.

Flyers attempting to switch to hover mode during a blizzard are at risk of "whiteout" - losing their bearings in the snow and coming a little too close to the ground. Take a dangerous terrain test. If failed the flyer lands safely but is immobilised. If passed it hovers as normal. There is no penalty for switching from hover to flying.

The blizzard ends at the end of the game turn... unless you roll a second 1 of course...

Anyway guys let me know what you think. The environmental rules are from the rulebook, the additional strategic assets are my reflection of the fact that some missions allow other units to be scoring, and the blizzard conditions are just my own little ideas to fit in with the environment we'll be fighting over.
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War in a Winter Waaaaaaggggghhhhhdurland
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