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 Club Night - 11/2/13

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PostSubject: Club Night - 11/2/13   Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:45 pm

Ok guys, special scenario this week. To save me typing out an entire book I'm gonna skip all the background and justification and cut to the meat of the rules here, as a reminder for those of you who were there last night.

Page 349 of the main rulebook - that's my inspiration for this one. Obviously ours won't look as awesome, the club isn't made of money, but if I can get something tactically suitable (and probably a little larger in area given the number of players) I'll be happy.

Teams - will be of each faction, meaning three teams. This will of course lead to some complications, but I'm hoping we can deal with them fairly.

The first idea that comes up is assault. If all three sides are involved in assault then they can choose to strike any model they are in base contact with. Then work out combat results based on kills. So if Orks lost 6, Chaos lost 8, Imperial lost 4... well then the Orks are taking a break test at -2, chaos at -4. If they both run, they can both get run down. If one stays, the other is free to run.

Then there is shooting into an assault. Templates hit whatever they hit. Normal shots get randomised against all targets in the fight BEFORE rolling to wound. Do it fairly - so if there are 6 Marines taking on 3 Daemons then the marines take the hits from the lootas on a 3+. You are not allowed to shoot into an assault that your TEAM is involved in.

750 points per player, no force org chart, all non-vehicle models count as scoring.

There will be deployment points across the table. Each player deploys their army within 12" of that point, but not within 2" of the enemy. Anything that doesn't fit goes into reserve.

A couple of buildings will be worth 3vps. Each deployment point will be worth 1vp. There will also be a point available for each Warlord slain, and for the team that scores first blood.

Variable Game Length

Zero G
Infantry can move like jump infantry if it wishes, but must take a dangerous terrain test to do so. Jump Infantry can move DOUBLE it's normal move, run and assault distance, but again must pass a dangerous terrain roll

Hard Vacuum
Any rolls of a 6 to wound are AP2. This does not effect daemons or Necrons

The Long Walk
If a blast marker touches a model within 2" of the edge of the spaceport, then apart from any other damage the model must pass a strength test or be removed as a casualty. Monstrous Creatures and Vehicles are uneffected

In Space
Reserves can enter from ANY board edge. Models that deep strike onto a landing pad do not scatter. Models that deep strike anywhere else scatter. If they miss the station they suffer a deep strike mishap.

At the start of each GAME turn, roll a D3. This is the amount of daemon units that turn up this time. They arrive at a randomly determined deployment point via deep strike, and can assault on the turn they arrive. They move towards and assault the closest target. They will have a "turn" after all other teams have had a turn.

Victory and the Campaign
The faction that controls Voidspan point gets 10 flags to place on the newly emerged planets, BEFORE any other flags are placed. The winning player of the winning faction counts as having a permanent Spaceport from now on.
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PostSubject: Re: Club Night - 11/2/13   Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:57 am

10 flags be tasty im assuming thats 3 each with maybe an extra for the MVP on our team. Also when the new planets emerge can we roll to see who deploys first flags from our team as we are kinda running away with the team points I think the player points are more important for us so would be handy and more fair if someone else on our team gets some buildings over tom, not trying to deny all of them and if he wins the roll off fair dos but if he grabs them quick before our chubby fingers stick flags down we may as well kiss the race for player points goodbye as noones really taking anything from him.
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PostSubject: Re: Club Night - 11/2/13   Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:57 am

You can't add up can you... 10 flags, 4 players... 3 each with a spare for MVP makes 13 dumb ass Razz

It'll be 2 flags each, 2 bonus, and it's up to you AS A TEAM how you deploy them.

I'm going to let Chaos go for territory first as that's the way the book says to do it. As for who goes first between you all, that's down to you as a team to sort out.

Tom is putting all his territory points towards the team, his score is purely from his buildings. If the rest of the chaos team have to put their territory points towards their personal scores to catch Tom, that gives the other TEAMS chance to catch up by putting their territory scores towards their team. If they get their acts together that is Razz

If the Imperials (Or better yet, Orks) win the voidspan point scenario, then I'm sure all the best bits will be gone before you get the chance to get your grubby, chubby fingers on them Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Club Night - 11/2/13   

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Club Night - 11/2/13
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