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 Club Night - 18/02/13

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PostSubject: Club Night - 18/02/13   Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:57 pm

So, Voidspan point was a hell of a battle wasn't it? Of course, soon after getting home I remembered a way the Imperial team could have won the game. Remember those Burning Skies rules for flyers we said we'd use. They include special maneuvers. You flyers can all attempt them at the relevent time. One of the Blood Angels ones is the following:

At the Start of the Movement Phase, take an Initiative test. (Initiative would count as 4) If successful, remove the flyer from the board and replace it anywhere within 2D6 x 3" facing any direction. The flyer must then move as normal.

So a couple of initiative tests would have seen those Storm Ravens bearing down on Abaddon for the win. Oh well, not my job to remember you guys special rules Razz

ANYWAY, On to the next turn. Due to some people getting challenged twice and others not being present there aren't as many challenges lined up yet. We can sort some more out next week if people wish.

So this week:

Jason vs Rich H (normal game normal planet)
Neil vs Rich A (normal game radioactive planet)
Rob P vs Ginge (normal game Radioactive planet)
Rich F vs Rob W (normal game Ice World)

FRIENDLY: Tim vs Paul (1500)

And then the following week (or any of these games can be played Sunday if we get chance):

Tim (Attacker) vs Rich H (planetstrike... I need to double check the planet for this one)
Ginge vs Neil (normal game Psychic Dead Zone)
Rich A vs Rob W (normal game Ice World)

Those who haven't got games lined up can either play a friendly game or challenge someone else when they next attend. The campaign is designed for people to play one game per turn, and right now we're doing two, so it won't do any harm to miss a week. Sure you miss the opportunity to win an extra flag, but you also miss the chance to lose a flag too...
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Club Night - 18/02/13
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