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 Views on my 2000 pt space wolves army? not news

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Paul "Wolfman" Brownmane


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PostSubject: Views on my 2000 pt space wolves army? not news   Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:58 am

Hi all,

Just wanted to see what you all thought of this 2000ish army? As I'm relitively new to the game I thought I'd get some more experienced views on it.

Logan Grimnar 275 pts
Bjorn the fell-handed 270 pts
Arjac Rockfist 170 pts
wolf guard in terminator armour (power sword, asault cannon, pair of wolf claws, thunderhammer and storm shield, power fist, chain fist storm bolters) 250 pts
wolf guard in power armour (numerous wargear which includes 2 x pair of wolf claws and 2 x single wolf claws. Mainly hand to hand unit) 316 pts
grey hunters (power fist, 2 x melta guns, plasma pistol, wolf standard) 205 pts
long fangs ( 2 x lascannons, 2 x plasma cannons) 165 pts
Land raider crusader (hunter killer missile) 260 pts
Rhino (hunter killer missile) 45 pts
Drop pod 35 pts

total 1991 pts
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Views on my 2000 pt space wolves army? not news
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