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 Blood in the Badlands - The Finale

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Which Sunday?
Second Sunday in January
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Third Sunday in January
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Really don't care
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PostSubject: Blood in the Badlands - The Finale   Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:47 pm

So I'm thinking either the second or third Sunday in January... this gives time for Christmas to be over and everyones lives to go back to normal before we try to do this. I believe it should also avoid the Bingo night which would force us to finish by 6pm... Ideally I'd like to finish the game about this time but I know last time it overran, so would rather be safe than sorry.

So, I'll ask Dave at the club when the room is available next week, but IF the two dates are both equally suitable, does anyone have any particular preference for which date we use? Vote now, and I will let the outcome influence my final decision (but not completely rule it - if you guys vote a preference for one week but then that is a Bingo night, then I'll ask for the other instead. This is just for all things being equal...)
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Blood in the Badlands - The Finale
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